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Revolving Pedestrian Doors

Revolving doors are a versatile product with a wide variety of options for a multitude of applications.

They are significantly more energy efficient and are a greener option than a standard swinging door or sliding door. This is achieved by limiting the air flow to and from the interior of your facility by containing the air within the chamber as each person passes through. Security revolvers are specifically designed to promote the security of a building by combining a limitation on the number of people able to enter the doorway at once with many other security options.

A revolving door is the only automatic pedestrian door product that will pay for itself over time.

Revolving doors have a payback period calculated at approximately five to seven years. These doors are elegant, secure, and efficient while providing a modernizing effect to the façade of your building.

The Grand

The Grand

Horton “Grand” Automatic Revolving Door

Large Diameter Revolving Pedestrian Door: The Grand turns an ordinary revolving pedestrian door entrance into an energy-efficient vestibule system. This large diameter automatic revolving entrance not only controls heating and cooling costs while eliminating drafts but it also creates a gracious, and spacious opening. The Grand has been engineered with an unmistakable touch-of-class. Engineers considered safety and reliability while creating this entrance with the largest possible opening that is always sealed.

Control Flow

Horton Security Revolving Door

Automatic Security Revolving Door Control Flow security revolving pedestrian doors control access to your facility and monitor your safety automatically, continuously, and effectively at a substantially lower cost than conventional monitoring systems or security personnel. Control Flow doors provide employees a subtle sense of security along with free movement for authorized users in and out of the building. This automated security provides continuous and economical control with a typical payback period of 6 month or less.

Control Flow

The Elegant


All Glass Revolving Door

All Glass Revolving Pedestrian Door Installation – Manual Revolving Door. The Elegant is the design oriented manual revolving door system. When used on an exterior entrance, the Elegant showcases your building’s facade and the interior aesthetics of the building lobby. Designed for use in a multitude of applications including office buildings, banks, retail stores, hotels, and restaurants where beauty, energy efficiency, and a clear, unobstructed view are desired.


Horton AutoFlow Revolving Door

Automatic Revolving Door The AutoFlow revolving pedestrian door is designed for use in hotels, hospitals, airports, banks, office buildings, and similar applications. AutoFlow doors feature motion detectors at each opening to start rotation on user approach. A reduced speed feature slows door rotation to allow easy access into the doors for wheelchairs, strollers, and large parcels along with four field programmable voice prompts.




Horton EasyFlow Manual Revolving Door

Manual Revolving Door Revolving doors reduce air infiltration, wind gusts, pollution, and fumes from the outside in addition to improving interior climate control.

Crystal Tourniket

The Transparent Revolving Door

The Crystal Tourniket uses a combination of laminated and toughened glass to reduce the traditionally framed elements of the door to a bare minimum. The result is a virtually transparent revolving door that is perfect for use with contemporary glass facades while still blending in beautifully with more classical architectural styles.

The Crystal Tourniket is available with 3 or 4 door wings in a wide range of sizes. With the choice of manual or automatic operation, clear or coloured glass and optional night locking doors, the Crystal Tourniket is a truly versatile entrance that is both stylish and functional.

The variety of configurations makes the Crystal Tourniket the perfect choice for medium traffic flow applications such as hotels, offices and many other types of buildings.

Crystal Tourniket
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